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LNER V2 60847 'St Peter's School' BR Lined Green (Late Crest) With DCC Sound Fitted
'OO' Gauge
Released: 11/01/22
DCC Fitted
DCC Sound
Era 5
SOUNDS: F1 - Sound On / Sound Off F2 - Brake (Non-Latching) F3 - Cylinder Drain Cocks F4 - Whistle (Playable) F5 - Normal Load / Heavy Load F6 (STATIONARY) - Firebox Door Open (red firebox light flickers) F6 (MOVING) - Firebox Door Open (red firebox light flickers and yellow light pulses in time with the exhaust) F7 - Injectors F8 - Whistle F9 - Flange Squeal F10 - Shovelling Coal (F6 must be On to activate this function) F11 - Blower (with F6 On and the locomotive stopped the red and yellow firebox lights will also flicker) F12- Hand Brake (locomotive will not move with the Hand Brake applied) F13 - Water Tank Filling F14 - Coupling/un-Coupling Clank F15 - Safety Valve F16 - Guard’s Whistle & Driver’s Response Toot F17 - Coasting F18 - Sound Fades Out/Sound Fades In F19 - Shunt Mode (reduces speed) F20 - Acceleration/Deceleration inertia off F21 - Volume Control (LATCH = Volume On/Off) or (TRIGGER = cycles 6 Volume Levels) F22 - Rail Join Clatter F23 - Rod Clank Analogue Users: Normal-load running sounds, acceleration steam chuff sounds and any other automatic and randomised sounds can be enjoyed when using this model on analogue control (DC) straight from the box - these sounds will play automatically when power is applied!
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