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Baguley-Drewry 70hp Diesel Lined Crimson
'OO-9' Gauge
Released: 30/05/24
DCC Ready (Next18)
Era 9
BAGULEY-DREWRY 70HP DIESEL HISTORY The seventy horsepower, 4 wheel diesel-hydraulic locomotives were built by Baguley-Drewry in Burton Upon Trent at the start of the 1980s and were some of the final locomotives to be outshopped by the company which closed its doors in 1984. Ordered by the Ministry of Defence for use in the Royal Navy Armaments Depots in Wales at Milford Haven and Trecwn, the fleet was later transferred to Dean Hill in Wiltshire which remained operational until 2004. In 2009, the remaining railway assets were sold off giving the Baguley-Drewrys a second life in preservation or at private railways. Originally built to a gauge of 2ft. 6in., some has since been re-gauged to suit the varying gauges used by the narrow gauge railways that they now call home.
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